Places in Time

The Adventure of Real History

  1. Mountain Women
  2. Colter
  3. Buffalo Skin CAnoe
  4. Women fur trade winter
  5. Shays
  6. Angel's Flight
  7. Tarbell
  8. Mountain Man
  9. Title 13
  10. Re-enactor, eastern
  11. Title 15
  12. Title 16
  13. Title 17
  14. Atomic Motors
  15. Helicopter Gunship Tours
  16. Lake Meade Tours
  17. Ghost Towns
  18. Titanic Tours
  19. Sky Diving
  20. Mob Museum
  21. Uncivil War
  22. Girls in Pants
  23. Defense of Baltimore
  24. Writing the Star Spangled Banner
  25. Vallejo Home, Sonoma
  26. Closing the Courts
  27. Shays Memorial
  28. JFK takes over Moon Project

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Love re-enactment? Enjoy participatory entertainment? Active in your local historical society? Or do you love being into history and have always wished there was a way to turn your avocation into your business?

Read on!

We are now contacting local historic, costume play, and re-enactment groups to move their work more effectively into public view personally and on the video to vast audiences, making Edu-tainment tourism destinations available to millions of people around the world.   

This is not traditional passive tourism but immersion edu-tainment in our common past and individual journies as families.  These are moments that changed the course of world history.  They also help people around the world understand what it means to be an American from many opposing viewpoints.
Historical accuracy and ensuring other viewpoints are presented is important. The Opening of the West looked different from the eyes of each individual, but also different by the group of which an individual was then part, and now by their heritage. More viewpoints make for more depth, dialog, and interest so revisionist history is not seen through only one lens. Using our PhoneVoter and Media Technologies, you can bring your venue alive for your venue's visitors - and receive a flow of visitors.  Here is how it works:    

Think Individual Venues and Tour Routes of related themes or moments in time. 

A single Venue covers a single event.  Several events linked together, allowing tourists to pass through events that tell a longer story, we call Time Routes.  Time Routes lead the visitor on to the next part of the story or even into the future.  
We are beginning with those listed below. 
​Time Routes now being organized: 
  • ​    Founding Colonies - Each of the original colonies has its own unique history, faith-ways, economic tools, practices and social          customs drawn from the Old World. In New England and Canada, down to Maryland to Hudson Bay, there were 100
  •         Charter Proprietary Land Development & Trading Companies. The majority were English, a few French and Dutch. Each of
  •         these holds the potential for discovery and understanding of us today.  
  •     The 1692 Salem Witchcraft Trials are among these.
  •     Revolution from 1765 (Sons & Daughters of Liberty) to Shays' Rebellion to the Constitutional Convention
  •     Daniel Boone to Missouri, the first American mountain man Colter, Manuel Lisa of the St. Louis Fur Trade to Jim Bridger of the
  •         Rocky Mountain Fur Company
  •     Industrial Revolution moving West to hubs through the Erie Canal with changes in technology and the need for resources.
  •     Family Ways - Puritan, Quaker, Chesapeake, Ulster-Scots, Germans, French settlements and re-acting their folkways
  •    Tribes in the East confront invasions, treaties, wars, shifts of lands.
  •     Enslavements, Africans, Irish, Tribal People
  • ​    The Westward Movement from the 13 Stateshandcarts, wagon trains, railways, Lincoln Highway, Route 66...  
  • ​    Lewis & Clark and the Mountain Men & Women, The Benton - St. Lous - Santa Fe Trade Route....
  • ​    Past the Appalachians and into the midwest, conflicts between old settlers and new
  • ​    The Transcendental Movement, Abolition and the Rights of Women
  •     Mothers of Invention - Inventions by women through time 
  •     The Quebec, Anglo, Spanish, and Religious Communities and westward movements like the Mormon Odyssey  
  •     Horses, Dogs, and their roles 
  •     Westward from St. Louis and American Music by Decades
  •     On to the Pacific 
  •         The California that was
  • ​        The Mexican American War and Native American War of 1,000 Deserts 
  • ​        California becomes a Republic 
  •         The Gold Rush
  • ​    The War Between the States
  • ​    Manifest Destiny vs. the Mission of the Declaration
  • ​    Imperial San Francisco
  • ​    The Spanish American War and it's legacy today
  • ​    Taking to the Sky: 1865- Balloons, Aeroplanes, and Automobiles
  • ​    Conservation of Resources vs. Preservation of the Natural World
  • ​    The Creature from Jekyll Island - The Federal Reserve System and other currency manipulation revolts
  • ​    The War To End All Wars WWI
  •       The Roaring 20s
  •       The Great Depression and Big Swing Bands 
  • ​    World War II
  •       PhilippinoFilm Rescue Project - Occupation of the Philippines, located in Missouri 
  • ​    Arising Conflicts
  • ​   ​Higher, Faster Into the Sky and Into Space: AeroSpace Grand Tours 

For each of these and your interests we assist, your visitors will see the real personas, watch their actions and hear what they wrote and see what they did.   
Each of these will be family vacations your visitors will never forget, and will grow your communities' economy and pride.  Living America's history will be a transforming experience for all of us. 
It will be the best money and time you ever invested.

Using our interactive technologies, included with your Membership, you will find resources for either making videos yourself - or having professionals help you build your Events, linking these to your local Venue or, cooperatively, to other Venues and Events on a Route showcasing Places in Time. 

An Event such as the Boston Tea Party comes alive when you see it, hear it, and experience it in person.  With a combination of live re-enactment, film, and more, the visitor is there. Some traveling re-enactors bring the experience to other locales than the original, encouraging tourism to the original locale.     

​To learn about being a part of Places in Time, tell us about your historical society or re-enactment group, or what you want to start, then click here on  New Places
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