Places in Time

The Adventure of Real History

Our Mission

Our mission is to build or assist destinations which link the stories of Americans through time.  The vision includes all Americans from every point in the world, including those whose stories began right here. 


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We help you build locally while taking advantage of local resources with the option of professionally, integrated narratives which extend your reach beyond what is possible today.  We can also provide services which will make it possible for you to put together your own production crew, advertising for an interactive TV show, and more.

Our Members are listed with links to their sites, have access to TV exposure through our network, Places in Time Network, which is now four months from airing. As an associate of Freedom Interactive TV Network Association (FITN) we benefit from volume purchase of satellite time and equipment, among other privileges.  FITV provides Interactive, satellite-based programming. 

As Members, we can help you be ready to take to the air.

Members can sign up and become part of our network while building out their own Place using the resources provided through your membership.  Our focus is Edu-tainment which is historically accurate, insightful and memorable.    

Every Destination, from museums, re-enactment events, historical societies, restaurants, and more discover there are many ways to increase participation and income. The Places in Time Association is the only way you can stay local and go global. Sponsors often come from places which you never considered.  Growing out so others know us enlarges our world.  Providing the facts about history is something we view as essential to course correction today. 

For Tours, we will be adding highways, destinations for reunions for families, schools, friends, military, organizations, and more.  When reunions take place where memories are evoked they become more memorable.

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Places in Time operates through Freedom Interactive TV Networks Association .