Places in Time

The Adventure of Real History

Places in Time Membership Association

Places in Time is a Business Association dedicated to helping members provide memorable experiences to tourists and participants.  For this purpose, individual business members have multiple options to increase their ticket sales and participation.  This works for museums, historical re-enactment groups, aviation experience venues, participatory costume events, dramatizations of events, thematic restaurants, family-friendly edu-tainment tourism venues, explorations of nature, and more.  ​​
Imagine reliving the Birth of the California Republic, yes, once we were a Republic.  You can relive those times, moving from place to place to experience at 13 sites you see it happened.  It happened - and the story was unexpected and riveting.   
 Museums can deepen the understanding of the events and people whose history is preserved there, using our interactive technologies, such as proximity sensors and touch-screens. Additionally, a narrative captured on video can provide an intense reprise of the history on display, making it immediate, explanatory and relevant to the viewer. From Wars to Inventions to the hands-on experience of building or repairing a covered wagon, re-machining an early plane, or writing a document on original paper, traveling with Mountain Men to their Rendevous, or with the Seventh Cavalry on their way to find the Lakota Sioux, who are waiting for them.
  The only limits are imagination. 
  We provide integration with television, motion pictures, put you in contact with location managers, and help you grow the impact and scope of your present operation. We can arrange contacts for mobile re-enactment groups to take their show on the road.     
 If your association wants to deepen the experience of tourism, this is what you have been looking for.  Members use the resources we provide to link experiences, providing continuity, best practices, safety, and bringing participants back again and again with their friends, to relive Places In Time.