Places in Time

The Adventure of Real History

​​Become a Teller of History ​​

​'Places' can be small, with Events scheduled to fit with your design, or large, full time enterprises.  'Places' can operate with reservations, have posted hours of operation, include dinners, re-enactment performances or anything which works to make your vision happen. Our mission is to take re-enactment to a new level of accuracy and transform them from hobbies, which you support to an enterprise which will support you and others in your community. 

Where people disagree on historic events you have the opportunity to make the story even more engaging by providing the real conflicts so they can be viewed and considered anew. 

Places in Time can extend your market, provide you with access to coast-to-coast TV to show your videos, help you find sponsors, film narratives that take your visitors into time, and find Tour Route Partners so you can provide the best possible experience to your visitors.  You can build your own site so we can link to it of have us build a site for you.  Tour Routes can take you around your town or city or across America.   

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